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Nabataean Zodiac Necklace

Nabataean Zodiac Necklace

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The Nabataean Zodiac Necklace was inspired by the Nabataean artifact that was found in Jordan’s Khirbet Al-Tannur, and dates back to the 2nd century AD.

Offering a glimpse into the rich mythological and spiritual heritage of the Nabataean civilization, the Zodiac sculpture sheds light on the Nabataean cosmological worldview and their deep reverence to the forces that shaped their lives and environment.

The central focus of the artifact is the Nabataean goddess associated with fertility and prosperity, representing celebrations of the renewal of life, commonly observed in Spring.

The Nabataeans possessed a deep understanding of the cosmos, and this wisdom guided their every step. They respected and celebrated the rhythms of the universe, embracing its guidance to thrive in harmony with the world around them. This intricately carved rock is, therefore, a testament to their profound respect for the interconnectedness of all things.

Metal: Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Plated/ White Gold Plated
Pendant Circumference: 20mm
Chain Length: 50+5cm (box chain)

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