About Us

Bedui is a contemporary jewelry brand, inspired by the Bedouins and the deserts they inhabit. The brand offers light, durable and minimalistic silver pieces for the modern day nomad who is always on the move.

Bedui [beh-duh-wee] is Arabic for Bedouin - the nomadic Arabs who inhibit the desert regions of Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Dubbed as “desert dwellers”, they have been living for thousands of years on barren lands, adapting, growing and learning essential values.

Contemporary jewelry inspired by the desert...

Traditionally, Bedouin jewelry is made out of silver, incorporating turquoise and red stones, bells, chains, coins and mesh. Owning silver jewelry was very important as it meant financial freedom to Bedouin women, as well as acted as talismans. They believed that jewelry possess magical powers, so filled with symbols, they are able to repel evil eyes and negative energy, and attract fortune and luck.

Our mission at Bedui is to, therefore, not only bring you high quality jewelry pieces, but to also add a dose of magic, symbols and love to your everyday, inspiring you to connect with all the beauty that surrounds us.

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    We firmly believe that beauty comes in every shape, size, age and skin color, and we want to showcase the incredible range of women who make up our community. If you're based in Jordan and interested in modeling for us, apply today!

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